**Hick Life®, Made With Pride!!**

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Let us start off with, we would like you to know that your support is very important to us, and really means a lot to us.  Unlike many companies in America Hick Life® truly cares about our fans and supporters.  We realize we wouldn't be here without yawl’s love and support in the Hick Life® brand and movement.

All our Hick Life® gear is printed/embroidered here in America!!!  We are doing our part by fueling our American economy!!!!  Hick Life® Strong!

With that aside, Hick Life® is a federally registered trademarked brand that represent those who love and support the outdoor lifestyle and choose to live it.  Mudding, hunting, fishing, rodeo, shooting to name a few.  Our goal is to keep an expression of our lifestyle rugged, edgy, and a little rough around the collar you might say.

Preps and yuppies you get no love here please step aside or you’ll get run over!  No need to pretty it up and try to keep us political correct, we express it and tell it like it is because in the end were all just a bunch of Hicks!

Please be sure to check out our store, forum, and picture gallery also.  Don't forget to add us on Hick Life's Facebook.com, Hick Life Entertainment, Instagram.comand Twitter.com Just Click the Links.  If you have any questions or suggestions just contact us we’d sure like to hear from ya.

***Dont Buy Imitations or illegal Knock Offs!***

There is no one authorized at flea markets, or other print companies to reproduce and sell our brand or likeliness regardless of what they tell you.  If it did not come from us directly or One of our Authorized Hick Life dealers (Hick Life® Head Quarters in St. Augustine Florida, or 90 Southeast Flying J and Pilot Stores, or a several mom and pop stores in Tennessee and Myrtle Beach area then Its fake and considered theft/trademark infringement., 

Hick Life® is a trademarked brand that is registered by the federal government, any reproduction of our brand name "Hick Life®" and or but not limited to designs without written consent is considered trademark/copyright infringement and illegal.  If you have something in mind just ask us 1st!

Hick Life USA